Slides and demo the Microsoft Atlas talks at The Ajax Experience posted

I posted the slides and demo for my talk on the Atlas Ajax framework that I will do this morning at the Ajax Experience.



Updated: Video of a dry run I did the night before the talk.  It is very demo heavy! 

Updated 2: High-res version of video


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  1. Kris says:


     I am trying to run your samples and am getting the following error. I don’t have IIS installed on my machine but I thought Visual Studio 2005 doesn’t require it. Am I missing something. Thanks.

    Error 101 It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition=’MachineToApplication’ beyond application level.  This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS. C:ASPNET2.0AjaxianDemosAtlasControlLibrarySampleWebSiteWeb.config 117

  2. priyajeet says:

    Thanks much needed.

    Did you happen to get those couple of nifty "firefox only" errors fixed ?


  3. BradA says:

    No problem Priyajeet…

    You will be happy to know that all the demos controls work great in IE (as well as firefox) now… check out:

  4. BradA says:

    Kris, that is odd.. try running them directly from the website:

  5. priyajeet says:

    I tried that link in IE7 (latest build) and it still refreshes the entire page unlike in FF where just that part is refreshed.


    Also I remember you said something about image pre-caching. Like when we have multiple images of some product, and the user has a habit of checking out the 1st two, the next time a request is made, both the images are cached instead of waiting for the user to click the second image, hence a 2nd request ?!?


  6. In response to comments I posted a high-res version of my recent Atlas talk… (it is actually the dry…

  7. steve says:

    there is more download and full source code at :

  8. Julio Casal says:

    Hi Brad. Your presentation and demos are cool! We are having a local community event here in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and I´ll be taking about Atlas. Would you allow me to translate your slides to spanish and use them on my presentation? That would be a great impact!



  9. BradA says:

    Julio — yes! I would love it if you could translate and use the slidedemo in your local market…  Could send me the translated slides and I will postlink to them so other folks can use it as well…

  10. Julio Casal says:

    Of course Brad. I have just sent the links to your mail.  Your Atlas talk was a great success in our event! So it would be great if you could share the links/files here in your blog.



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