Lovin the Ajax Experience : Day 1

The Ajax Experience conference kicked off yesterday in beautiful San Francisco... I am having a great time down here already.  It is WAY different than some of the big Microsoft run conferences (PDC, TechEd).. for one thing I am one of only three MS employees down here 😉 


I have already learned a lot from the attendees and the speakers... A few nuggests I picked up...

-          Even at this Ajax conference there are still a fair number of people doing their first project.  We are very early this Ajax technology cover... it is only going to grow!

-          Microsoft is acknowledged as inventing the base level technologies (DHTML, XmlHttp) that make Ajax possible today... (of course GoogleSuggest and GMail are noted as popularizing it)


-          This is a creative bunch... the constraints of web based development has attracted\bread a community of pragmatic problem solvers. These folks are not super concerned with what a one company does or even one standards body – what they are focused on is what works – what works broadly across browsers\OS... If that feels like a bit of a hack then so be it – as one of the speakers last night said “this whole thing is a hack”.

-          IE is clearly not the most popular browser among this community... I’d suggest folks check out Dean Hachamovitch talk at Mix for a little background on where IE is today and where it is going... Maybe we can get Dean out here next time 😉


-          Many folks here seem to LOVE Jscript.  They definitely feel like Jscript is a powerful, first class language worthy of writing big real-world apps.


-          The tools story seem to be sadly lacking... VI and EMACS seem to be the development tools of choice.  If you do your development on Windows, I’d suggest checking out the FREE Web development tool that offers very good development and debugging support for JScript. 


-          Ajax development is begging for great frameworks to be written.  One of the panelist pointed out that no one should be doing Ajax development “in the raw”... you should be using one of the many Ajax frameworks that are out there.  Dojo, Prototype, Atlas, etc. 


-          User Experience maters.  They keynote last night talked noted that in many ways you can build a richer, more immersive experience on the web than in a rich client app.  He also acknowledged that this trend does seem to be changing with WPF and the Expression tools for it.


-          Xaml, WPF\E and the small, cross platform, cross browser CLR are seen potentially big discontinuities that have the potential to remove some of the limitations on graphical richness and Jscript performance that the Ajax community has to live with today. I tend to agree and will predict that in addition to more talks on Atlas next year, we will hear some talks on WPF\E...

-          Atlas is really seen as being an extension of ASP.NET... we need to make it more clear that the Atlas Jscript library can be used on any client and any server

-          I was brave enough to ask a couple of folks about why they don’t do client apps.  The answer is clear Deployment, Deployment, Deployment.  This is a problem that has to be solved for any client technology to take off in this world.


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  1. albertpascual says:

    Javascript cannot be debug under VS2005, can you debug JScript on VS2005?

  2. Ben says:

    You are wrong that javascript cannot be debugged under VS2005. Check this out: http://www.ben-rush.net/blog/PermaLink,guid,b20a27b8-66ba-43e5-b0d6-4aa11c76d739.aspx.

  3. Ted Kubaska says:

    vi and emacs?  Neat.  Yes, I use Visual Studio 2005, but viw is a real comfort zone.

  4. Brad Abrams さんのblogからです。

    5月10日から12日まで開催されている Ajax Experience conference の初日の感想が書かれています。

    Lovin the Ajax…

  5. I’ve taken a look at Atlas late last year as part of a study on eventually using it in one of the products of the company I work for.

    <b>Since then I was allocated on other projects and have not followed the new releases of Atlas.</b>

    Brad said that Atlas can be used on any client and any server. That is great but I expect that this does not mean that we will have two sets of server controls: “Traditional ASP.NET server control” and “ATLAS controls”.

    That would be a real pain in the neck.

    Much better would be to have a single set of controls that always acts with AJAX behavior or could be configured with a simple property or setting in web.config to do so.

  6. I have used VS2005 to debug JScript, and I find it a bit cumbersome.

    I searched for "better solution" but I have not been satisfied with anything I have found.

  7. haridoss says:

    how much efforts are taken to extend the CLR implentation for unix, may be ajax is in evolving stage?

  8. Brad Abrams さんのblogからです。 5月10日から12日まで開催されている Ajax Experience conference の初日の感想が書かれています。 Lovin the Ajax

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