A reminder as we start detailed design and implementation…

My team is starting detailed design and implementation work over the next week or so and I know of few of them read this blog 😉 

So I thought it would be worth reminding everyone of an adage of good software design that Rico coined a while ago...


The Pit of Success: in stark contrast to a summit, a peak, or a journey across a desert to find victory through many trials and surprises, we want our customers to simply fall into winning practices by using our platform and frameworks.  To the extent that we make it easy to get into trouble we fail.
- Rico Mariani


Oh -- and one more as we consider the amount of dev and test time our product cycle offers...


The great proof of madness is the disproportion of one's designs to one's means.
Napoleon Bonaparte



Any more quotes you'd suggest our team poder before we start? 


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  1. IM says:

    "Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen."

    — Edward V. Berard, "Life-Cycle Approaches"

  2. Carlos says:

    "Build one to throw away."

    –Fred Brooks

  3. "The secret of getting ahead is getting started" – I keep this on my desk to remind me that although it’s good to spend time thinking, at some point you have to move on and start executing.

  4. Wade says:

    Complex problems have simple, easy to understand, wrong answers.

  5. Brian says:

    The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That’s where we come in; we’re computer professionals. We cause accidents.

    – Nathaniel Borenstein

  6. Ian says:

    A pictures worth a thousand words.

    Personality adds interest, interest leads to understanding, and understanding equals results.

  7. T. Marshall says:

    The harder it is to see the design in the code, the harder it is to preserve it.

    – Martin Fowler

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