Atlas Sesssions from Mix06 online

Check it out, the sessions from Mix06 have been posted... you can see a streaming video of the entire presentation and get slides.   Check out a few of my favorites:


Developing a Better User Experience with "Atlas"  - Shanku does a nice overview of Atlas..

Designing a Better User Experience with AJAX and "Atlas"Rick and I have fun hitting on the experiences that make a great web 2.0 app

Building Components and Services for the Programmable Web - Nikhil digs deep!


A couple of other highly related good ones to catch...

Lessons from the Trenches: Engineering Great AJAX Experiences

Overview of Gadgets


Oh, and a pure gravy kind of talk from ScottGuBuilding an Application from Scratch Using ASP.NET 2.0... Scott just loves giving these all demo-no-code kind of talks...


I’d love to hear what you think... Which ones are good? 

Comments (7)

  1. Carlos Lone says:

    Hey Brad, thanks alot for those links. They’re very useful and interesting!!!. I have seen Scott’s presentation and it’s awesome, he present mos of the 2.0 features in a very effective way.

  2. rashed says:

    Thank you Brad, your session is good

    by the way all sessions here

  3. Ferdinant Grove says:

    Hi, is there any chance of downloading this videos instead of streaming them?

    I would really like to archive them and show them to my co-workers and students. Thanks.

  4. rashed says:

    yes , i use flashget program to do this …

  5. crino says:

    is samples’ source code  available?


  6. crino says:

    i found them on Nikhil’s blog 😉

  7. Fcerqueira says:

    Já saiu desde a semana passada e lembrando para quem deixou passar desapercebido os vídeos das apresetações…

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