Web control Vendors support Atlas

3rd party control vendors are an important part of any successful platform, so I am very happy to see a couple of control vendors come out with some Atlas enabled controls. 

Check them out...

ComponentArt Announces Support for Microsoft "Atlas"

Trlerik: Third-party controls and support for Atlas

Newstonsoft support Atlas


Did I miss any?


Comments (3)

  1. James Newton-King says:

    I’m certainly not in the same league as those companies but I recently added Atlas support to a web control of mine called Newtonsoft WebDialog.



  2. Don says:

    As of May 1 Telerik is Atlas compatible


    (I don’t work for Telerik, I just happened to see the announcement last night)


  3. 遂に ASP.NET コントロールベンダーが Atlas のサポートを発表しました。ソース元は以下の blog です。

    Web control Vendors support Atlas


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