Information on Offline Client applications with .NET Framework 2.0

Steve posts some good information on getting offline client apps developed with VS2005 and .NET Framework 2.0... I’d love to hear feedback or success stories...

From Steve’s blog..

Using SQL Server Mobile w/Visual Studio 2005 – 7 minutes
A quick walkthrough of building an Order Form including configuring ComboBoxes lookup controls.  Using the Data Sources Window you can easily consume SQL Mobile databases to create a Strongly Typed Dataset.  The demo includes how to load the SQL Mobile runtime with your app and ClickOnce deploy the app without requiring administrative rights.

Using Remote Data Access (RDA) for lightweight, simple sync scenarios - 14 minutes
An overview of using RDA including a demo walkthrough.  Sample code in video

Configuring RDA Server Components - 7 Minutes
A walkthrough of how to configure IIS to broker RDA queries to your SQL Server
Code Snippets:

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