The Ajax Experience Conference

I am excited to be headed down to the The Ajax Experience Conference May 10-12 in San Francisco.  I’ll be giving an overview of Atlas... maybe work in some dice action and maybe some of Shanku’s php\Atlas fun... Any other ideas?  What would folks like to hear? 


I am really impressed by the speaker list... it reads like a “who’s-who” of the Ajax community... I am sure I am going to learn a TON while I am down there.  But what I am really looking forward to hearing from you on where the web is going, what you need out of a web platform and tools.  Please do look me up if you are going to be there.

Comments (3)

  1. Jim Vierra says:

    The Atlas team should install some or all of the samples on the Atlas web site.  They do a very good job of showing what atlas is capable of.

    Add some page stats to the web pages to show how much data is being transmitted.

    Might be good to have comparison non-Atlas page to show how Atlas affects the user experience.

  2. October 23-25th the next installment of the Ajax Experience Conference is being held in Boston. I am

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