Source code for CLRBCL 2.0

Great news... Rotor V2.0 ships... I have found Rotor a great way to look at (mostly) the real source code from the CLR and BCL to see what is really going on under the covers. 


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  1. flagman says:

    First,Congratulations your jolt award of FDG and thx to your and Krzysztof’s work.

    As u’ve said the Framework was the two  most close to u, my question is, what the diff between reallife .Net Framework and the toy ‘Rotor’ from the perspective of FRAMEWORK DESIGN.

    Naturely, reallife .net framework was been made or architected first, then Rotor done. Hence, with the exp of architect for .net framework ,the architect for Rotor should have been impoved, is this conclusion correct?

    thx in advance.

  2. BradA says:

    Flagman — The Rotor source code is exactly the same source we use to build the product… we didn’t reimplement the CLR or anything like that.  We did removechange some parts where Microsoft has some signficant IP (such as the GCJIT) and we cleaned up a few comments, things like that.. but it is very largly the same code we use to build CLR 2.0

  3. In case you haven’t already heard from every other blogger (like Shawn, JasonZ and Brad) , V2.0 of the…

  4. ROTOR contains most of the CLR and base class libraries found in our commerical product. It is released under the shared source program. [via]…

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