Atlas talks at Mix06

If you are headed to Mix06 you will not want to miss the sessions on Atlas... Oh, and BTW, even if you are not going we are going to make a ton of this content available on  and a few weeks after the show the sessions videos will be available to stream!



Monday 3p:  NGW014 - Developing a Better User Experience with "Atlas"

Shanku will show you in detail how to build a web 2.0 application using Atlas.  If you are a developer building Ajax style apps, you don’t want to miss this talk.. It also sets a lot of context for the other talks in the series. 


Tuesday 1:30p: NGW052 - Designing a Better User Experience with AJAX and "Atlas"

Rick and I will talk about the principles of what makes a great Web 2.0 applications and how Atlas makes it easy to build.   This is a very fun talk that will be good for BDMs, and Designers as well as developers because Rick is focused on the user experience today’s web applications need to bring and I am focused on how Atlas enables them.  Oh, and you will also see a little bit of a Vegas style business venture I am getting into for the demo 😉


Tuesday 3p:  NGW054 - Building an Application from Scratch Using ASP.NET 2.0

ScottGu will give an updated version of one of his best talks where he builds a very compelling web applications from scratch.  I remember hearing that onetime after he gave the talk someone came up to him and said he had just paid a contractor $50K+3 months to build that exact site that Scott had built in less than an hour!  If you need a refresh on ASP.NET or just want a good show you should be there!   


Wednesday 10a: NGW002 - Building Components and Services for the Programmable Web

If you are series about building an Ajax site you can’t miss Nikhil talk.  He does an amazing job showing you how all this stuff works together.  I guarantee  you will walk out of there wanting to build an app on Atlas.  So only go if you have a little time on the plane ride home to build your own Mashup  with Atlas.  😉



A few other ASP.NET sessions that I haven’t been as closely involved with but that look very compelling

NGW010 - Building an Interactive Community Platform with ASP.NET – Rob Howard is an excellent speaker and he should know something about the topic as his company leads the Community Server project. 

NGW018 - Powering E-Commerce with PayPal

BTB007 - Building AJAX Applications Using Yahoo! Web Services

NGW038 - Overview of Gadgets



Oh and PS – Rick and I had the honor of being the very last Mix06 Buzz cast.. check it out.  



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    hope to have the SLIDES as soon as possible, cause we really need ’em. Good Luck anyway.



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