New CLR 2.0 book

I just saw that Jeff Richter’s CLR via C# is in stock on Amazon.  This is an update to his very popular Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming and it covers a bunch of new goodies in CLR 2.0...


I gotta say I love the title change... CLR via C# is one of the shortest tech book titles I have seen... Oh course that is coming from the guy who came up with Standard Library Annotated Reference Volumes 1: Base Class Library and Extended Numerics Library and Volume 2: Networking Library, Reflection Library, and XML Library  😉 



Comments (5)

  1. Brad, do either of your books you linked to include ebooks? Often times, when I get a few moments to read, I don’t have my books with me but I would like to put the ebook on my tablet and read it. I see no mention of it on Amazon but figured I’d ask anyway.

  2. BradA says:

    Sure — I notice that Safari (  has the SLAR books, but not the FDG yet…

    Hope that helps!

  3. David Betz says:

    I ordered this book today actually… Gotta love Amazon Prime–it will be here tomorrow morning for $4 shipping!

    I honestly expect to put this book as my #2 favorite technical book of all time.  #1 is of course Framework Design Guidelines.  Hmmm… I forgot who wrote that one though.. ha

  4. BradA says:

    Thanks David 😉  

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