Windows Vista and Windows Forms

Folks on the Windows Forms team are working hard to make sure Windows Forms applications look great on Vista, but we can always use your help in the real world apps you are using.  I know many of you MSDN subscribers have picked up the Vista CTPs and tried your own Windows Forms apps on it.  We’d love to hear your feedback on how it went.  Did the functionality work?  Did it look right? Did it feel like a Vista era application?  Please comment here or drop me a line



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  1. Andrew Webb says:

    LOL!  I knew that the reason they’re currently not paying attention to .NET 2.0 WinForms bugs/suggestions on Ladybug had to be Vista related!

    I’m currently waiting on some response to:-





    Note that most of these bugs relate to tooltips – they are so bugged in .NET 2.0.  It’s the one thing that really bit me when I ported my app DataBatcher to .NET 2.0.

    Yesterday I read on Tim Sneath’s blog: "As far as Windows Forms goes, the current release as part of Visual Studio 2005 demonstrates a level of maturity and strength that is enviable. It’s the culmination of the last twenty years of development based on the GDI/GDI32/GDI+ platform."

    It is to laugh!  20 years of maturity, and tooltips don’t even work proper.  *sigh*, I guess that .NET 2.0 is legacy code already, not worthy of much attention when there’s so much work to do on Vista, WinFX, etc.  *double sigh*

  2. Ruben says:

    "It’s the culmination of the last twenty years of development based on the GDI/GDI32/GDI+ platform." That sure raised a chuckle.

    – God knows how many bug postings on Visual Styles et al. not working properly (ToolStrips using RenderMode.System anyone).

    – Horrible performance.

    – The abysmal font support (there isn’t any, and not everybody agrees on the TrueType über alles mentality).

    – The lack of actual .ani/.cur support (hint: try loading a *coloured* cursor without PInvoke).

    – The poor icon support (can anyone show me some apps *not* using 50+ lines of code just to get icons right, especially the sizes and color depth; ImageLists are soo unhelpful here. And where does one get the icon for a file? Somehow the shell knows how to get them; .NET doesn’t have a clue…)

    – The minimalistic graphics format support.

    – WinForms/GDI+ losing alpha channels all over the place (again, icons).

    And I could go on and on. So what I think of WinForms on Vista? Just as bad as on XP.

  3. jfo's coding says:

    Brad wants to know your experiences…

  4. Martin says:

    The toolstrips does not feel like Vista at all and that basicly ruins everything.

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