Video plug for Atlas talk at Mix…

Shanku, Bertrand Le Roy and I recently shot a spot about our Atlas\Ajax presence at Mix... I’d love to hear thoughts... what would you like to hear us cover?   Here is a list of the breakouts that are directly Ajax focused... There is also some good information in the keynotes.



Developing a Better User Experience with "Atlas"

Speaker(s): Scott Guthrie

Focus(s): Developer

Session Type(s): Breakout

This session is a developer overview of "Atlas", Microsoft's new cross-platform/cross-browser framework for building rich, client-centric AJAX-style Web applications. Learn about data-binding, modernized object-oriented JavaScript techniques, and designing interactive UI, as you follow along through the construction of a mash-up


Designing a Better User Experience with AJAX

Speaker(s): Brad Abrams, Rick Spencer

Focus(s): Designer

Session Type(s): Breakout

This session explores best practices for designers who are tackling the real challenges of building AJAX-style user experiences on the Web. Learn about designing richer user experiences directly from the Windows Live Local and "Atlas" development teams. Explore how the "Atlas" controls and components remove the complexity from designing rich, interactive experiences, and help you build AJAX-style applications more quickly.



Building Components and Services for the Programmable Web

Speaker(s): Nikhil Kothari

Focus(s): Architect, Developer

Session Type(s): Breakout

Want to learn how to expose components and services like Windows Live Local and Virtual Earth, but not sure where to begin? This session introduces real-world design patterns and best practices for constructing reusable Web components and Web-based services for the programmable Web. Explore how "Atlas" makes it incredibly simple for developers to consume these components and services to build gadgets, mash-ups, and other rich user experiences on the Web. Learn how to deliver functionality for a new generation of Web applications designed around reusable UI, components, and Web-based services.




Lessons from the Trenches: Engineering Great AJAX Experiences

Speaker(s): Scott Isaacs

Focus(s): Designer, Developer

Session Type(s): Breakout

Explore the challenges and lessons learned developing the Windows Live and Gadgets Web client frameworks powering Windows Live, Hotmail (Kahuna beta), Spaces, and more. This technical talk presents design and architectural considerations for building interactive AJAX-like sites. See how componentization, network management, accessibility, page composition, and more impact the design and engineering of your Web application.


Overview of Gadgets

Speaker(s): Sanaz Ahari

Focus(s): Business Decision Maker, Designer, Developer

Session Type(s): Breakout, the front-door to Windows Live, enables users to consume and manage their services in one place using gadgets. Learn about the benefits of, the use of AJAX and "Atlas" for building rich gadgets, and reaching Windows Live customers by building gadgets.



BTW – other good Mix06 videos are posted as well.

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