Framework Design Guidelines review and thank you Belgium

David Hayden (a C# MVP) recently posted a good review of the FDG.    Here is one notable comments:


Although I was originally worried that it would be more theoretical in nature and mainly apply only to architect types, such is not the case.  It is a great combination of 1) best practices concerning fundamental API and class design; 2) great tutorials on .NET framework classes and the when, why, and how to use them; and 3) common design patterns for better manageability and extensibility of your frameworks.


The thanks for this comment has to go to Anders Hejlsberg who very early on in the process of formalizing the guidelines strong encouraged us to keep them very pragmatic and well grounded rather than theoretical. 


Oh, and thank you Belgium – apparently we are the 19th Best selling computer book in the country.   I am sure that Belgium is becoming a center for Framework design excellence! 

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  1. I’m a .NET developer, living in Belgium, and recommending your book to everyone I know who could be interested. I’m currently reading it for the second time. Thanks again for all the knowledge. Peace.

  2. I am C# MVP from Indonesia. Read the book cover-to-cover twice. 🙂

    I’ve posted about the FDG book on my blog last October (and it was in Indonesian language):

    I’ve also delivered a presentation session on the subject to Indonesia .NET Developer Community last month. I am a strong proponent.

    FDG is important knowledge every .NET Dev should know. As you said, we can spend our time in more useful activities than debating things that you have faced during the FDG development. We can simply use it and only revisit debating the recommendations if we have to do trade-offs.

  3. Jelle Druyts says:

    You’re welcome 🙂 I’m a Belgian .NET consultant, and I very much enjoyed both the book and your pre-conference session about it on PDC (see for my review).

    In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I’m doing a presentation  on Framework Design Guidelines on the Belgian Developer & IT Pro Days ( I’ll make lots of references to the book so who knows, your book might even make it up to nr. 1 😉

    So thanks a lot for the wonderful book, and I’ll try to pimp it wherever I can 🙂

  4. Last week I was very disappointed to see so little books at Developer & It-Pro days. I don’t…

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