A slacker review of the Framework Design Guidelines

http://www.dotnetslackers.com/ has a good review of the Framework Design Guidelines


Book Review: Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries


My favorite part of the review is here:


Guidelines can be boring to read but not this book. It is full of insight on how Microsoft did it, the struggle they had on some issues and the mistakes they made. More then that, the book is fully annotated with comments by experts like Jeffrey Richter and Anders Hejlsberg. Its like being in a room full of experts commenting about the book while reading it; fascinating.


That is exactly what we were trying for with the annotations... In particular the annotators imaged what they say to customers over beers at the PDC.  I think we captured that fairly well in most cases, and saved you the price of a beer 😉




Update: I seem to be giving referral love to the wrong site.  As Jeffrey Palermo points out Guy posted this originally on his own blog.  Sorry about that.. here is a link to the official\original site: http://dotnet-expertise.com/cs/blogs/guy_barrette/archive/2006/01/04/266.aspx

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  1. geoff.appleby says:

    You saved me the price of a beer by making spend the price of a book? I like your logic *grin*

    Actually, I finally found an online store that was Oz based so that my boss would by it for me on the company card. I should have it by the end of the week finally.

    You better live up to my expectations 😛

  2. Having read the book (about twice now, actually), I’d have to say it’ll live up to your expectations…

    Brad, you guys did an incredible job on that book. Major kudos.

  3. Sean Chase says:

    In my professional opinion and in the most articulate way possible I’d like to say…

    That book was nothing short of KICK ASS!!! 🙂

  4. BradA says:

    Thanks Jason and Sean.. I really appreciate it. The book was a ton of fun to work on, but I gotta say that I think the magic is in all the great annotations that folks were able to give us so Krys and I can’t take all the credit here.

  5. Guy Barrette posted that on his own blog:


    DotNetSlackers is in the business of stealing individual blog content and republishing it for their own profit. They republish every single one of my blog posts as well, and they’ve never asked permission to violate my copyright.

    Would you mind changing the link to give the _real_ author credit?

  6. Sean Chase says:

    I did honestly buy the book because "the magic really is in all the great annotations"…but absolutely take credit, the book is very well written and well organized IMO.

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