Review for SLAR vol2

The .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Volume 2 gets a well thought out review from Mike Riley on .   Mike does a good job of highlighting what I think is the core value of the book – and why I had so much fun working on it.  As always, I’d love to hear your feedback.


PRObooks: .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Volume 2: Networking Library, Reflection Library, and XML Library

Comments (2)

  1. Matt says:


    Your post says that SLAR vol 2 covers the XML Library. I’m wondering if it specifically covers the XmlReader and XmlWriter classes? I’ve been looking for a more in-depth discussion of those classes ever since I took the pain to implement IXmlSerializable.


  2. BradA says:

    Yup Vol2 covers XmlReader and XmlWritter… I am not sure about "in depth", but there are several simple examples showing how to use each member and some very good comments from the folks that designed tose types.