My Top 10 Blog posts of 2005

Well, it is that time of year for “Top 10 of 2005”.  Thanks to some help from a fellow MSFT blogger I was quickly able to generate the list of the “most popular” blogs of 2005 from this site.    I was not exactly sure how to measure “most popular”....  So a did a combo.  The first is the most number of hits (agg+web views) and the 2nd list is the most number of comments... those are almost more interesting to me! 



Most Hits

Designing great frameworks training: Setting the stage

PDC 2005 Registration Open

Do you have CTP Madness??

Tons of new PDC sessions just posted

Cool Console Game



Most Number of Comments

Do all programmers speak english?

“Best" method names ever..."

Designing great frameworks training: Rich Type System

OK, I give.  Here are a set of internal coding guidelines

Showing Progress in a Console Windows



Anything interesting this year stand out to you?  What do you want to see more\less of...  


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