You gotta love the little things in .NET Framework 2.0: File.ReadAllLines()

I was recently reviewing some samples and I ran across one that made me really appreciate the work we did in BCL in .NET Framework 2.0… it maybe a very trivial thing, but it really improves the code.    The code sample in question looked something like:         if (autoCompleteWordList == null)       {…


Novice tip for doing Ajax development

I spent a little time over the holiday break experimenting with Ajax development specifically with the December Atlas preview.  Overall I am very impressed with what you can do with zero client impact.    One problem I ran into fairly quickly was that I needed to debug to the client side JScript I wrote.  All…


Program Manager Wisdom #78: Reveal your stupidity

I have been doing a little thinking recently about how to be a good Program manager.  What skills, habits and practices I have seen successful in the past?  And I have been making my way through Orson Scott Card’s Ender series.  I never thought the two would meet… but they did.    Last night I…


Some thoughts on concurrency

Joe recently published some thoughts on concurrency in the CLR… this is still early thinking kind of stuff, but it does give you an idea of where our current thinking is.   Love to hear your thoughts\comments.    


Framework Design Guidelines: The right number of exceptions

A reader asks me about a salutation where they are catching a SoapException and wrapping it with their own API specific exception type.  I think this is a fairly common scenario so I wanted to start a dialog about it here.   Part of this is covered in chapter 7 of Framework Design Guidelines.  …


try{}catch{} changes in .NET Framework 2.0

David did a little digging and came up with the good write up… take a look!


Framework Design Guidelines on Names of Generic Type Parameters

Framework Design Guidelines on Names of Generic Type Parameters Continuing in the series of discussing topics from the Framework Design Guidelines… The last post generated some good discussion on generic type parameter naming I though I’d include this.      Names of Generic Type Parameters Generics are a major new feature of the .NET Framework…