Book Recommendations from the PDC CLR Panel

At the PDC during the CLR Futures panel an attendee asked the panel what books they recommended on the CLR…   I promised to blog the list that the panel suggested.. so here it is (a little late).  Notice this is NOT meant to be an exhaustive list… this is just the few books that popped into the minds of the panelist.  Most of them were authored by or in very close collaboration with the CLR product development team.  

 BTW –Amazon has a decent list of the top .NET Books, they seem to have some categorization issues, but it is a good starting point none the less.

Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming  - Jeff has always worked closely with the product team..

CLR via C#, Second Edition – which is an updated version of Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming for .NET Framework and C# 2.0

Professional .NET Framework 2.0 - Written by a PM on my team, Joe Duffey...

The Common Language Infrastructure Annotated Standard - Jim Miller, an Architected on the CLR team was editor on this publication of the standard

.NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide - Adam Nathan was the test lead for COM interop on the CLR team for a long time

.NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Volume 1 - You know this guy 😉

.NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Volume 2 - You know this guy 😉

Framework Design Guidelines : Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries  - You know this guy 😉

Shared Source CLI Essentials - This book is about ROTOR and the product team worked on it directly

Customizing the Microsoft .NET Framework Common Language Runtime - Steven was a PM on the CLR team for a long time owning, you guest it, hosting!

.NET Framework Security - The members of the team that designed CAS on the CLR team owned it...

Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability (Patterns & Practices) - Rico and others contributed heavily to this...

Did we miss your favorate CLR book?  Any comments on these books?  I'd love to hear it...

Comments (6)

  1. You missed Essential .NET by Don Box.


  2. Andrew Webb says:

    Richter is the one, true must-read; can’t wait for CLR via C#. BTW: shouldn’t Amazon’s "Add to Wedding Registry" button be disabled for geek books?!

  3. J.Marsch says:

    I had been wanting to purchase the SLAR, but I’ve been holding out for a second edition (updated for CLR 2.0). Should I be waiting?

  4. BradA says:

    J – I have thought a lot about updatting the SLAR for V2.0, but I have not plans right now to do that. There are really two things that are keeping me from doing it right away. One is that I feel that Vol1 and Vol2 already cover lots of V2.0 information… They don’t cover the new types and members per say, but the annotations certainly point in that direction and all the samples are the right ones for V2.0, etc. And the 2nd is that I don’t think the team is in a good place to provide the type of reflective annotations the book needs. We need to get well into V3.0 and have sometime to think about what we did in V2.0 before we do the annotations.

    So, net — go ahead and buy Vol1 and Vol2 😉

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