PDC2005 WinFX Namespace Poster

The MSDN folks keep giving this morning… They just posted a highres version of the namespace poster we gave out here at the PDC.  Enjoy!


I’d still love to hear you feedback


Comments (8)

  1. kfarmer says:

    I’m not seeing System.Query on the poster?

  2. armin says:

    Great! Thanks a lot. Finnaly some cool reference poster from Microsoft 🙂

  3. Julio Casal says:

    Hi Brad. Is there any way I can order a printed copy of that poster?

  4. Joe Duffy says:

    That version is very out of date.

    Notice the lack of LINQ and WinFS.

    And the presence of various Windows Vista technologies.

  5. PatriotB says:

    I’m curious, how come the WPF/WCF stuff is all 3.0?

  6. BradA says:

    Crap — we posted the wrong copy… let me see about fixing it..

  7. JackG says:


    I was able to get the WinFx MSDN site updated with the current version of the PDC05 poster.

    As you know I have a vested interest in System.Addin 🙂



    – JackG

  8. I love helping developers understand our developer platform… one of the fun ways I get to do that is

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