To blue shirt or not…

I am conflicted about my wardrobe for the week here at the PDC and I thought I would ask for your help ;-).  The question is whether I should wear the blue shirt or not.  


On the one hand the “official” policy is for Microsoft speakers and staff to wear the stylish blue shirt to allow you, the attendee, to spot Microsoft folks quickly to ask questions or give us comments\feedback.  On the other hand I have heard some say the blue shirt segregate our customers, making us look set apart or different in some way from our customers… which of course we are not as most of us here at the conference are all, well, geeks.    


So, any thoughts?   Blue shirt or not? 

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  1. Brad,

    Thanks for an excellent pre-con it was really good and your book should be the developers bible for .net development.

    I would say Blue helps us to spot Microsoft people which means we dont have to look at every single badge in the conference and can spot you a way off 🙂


  2. The punk programmer says:

    Blue shirt. Might as well be a good-looking geek 😉

  3. Stephbu says:

    I’m torn, part of me says Blue shirt == great for paying customers to spot MS employees.

    Other part feels why look like an uncomfortable trussed up IBM-like turkey. We’re all developers, the uniform only makes us look awkward.

    Alternate and see which fits best 🙂

  4. I like the blue shirt thing, so Microsoftees can be spotted from a distance.

  5. Andrew Fung says:

    Blue shirt, unless you’re goal is to solicit honest information from the audience (rather than make it easy for the audience trying to get information from you).

    e.g. "What do you think of the PDC so far? So, what do you think of that Brad Abrams guy?" 🙂

  6. hDrummer says:

    Blue short? And what is the alternative?

  7. Wear the blue shirt. What looks bad (from my perspective) is when you see a crowd of blue shirts by themselves. This is a chance to engage your customers. You (personally) have been doing a great job of that. Think of this a giant cocktail party and Microsoft are the hosts. Get out there and bubble.

  8. michkap says:

    You could always compromise and wear the red shirts they gave to speakers at Tech Ed Europe — so you wearing official garb at least. 🙂

  9. Julio Casal says:

    I think you should not use it. Everyone there, or almost everyone, knows you Microsoft people, you are so famous that no shirt is necesary in order for us to recognize you. It would be really confortable to speak to you in as equals.

  10. Oran says:

    No blue shirt. It actually hurts identification more than it helps. I ran into some blue shirts yesterday hanging out next to the Indigo track lounge and they were totally clueless about what Indigo was!

    With blogs, Channel 9, MSDN TV etc, I can identify everyone I want to talk to visually.

    I agree, the blue shirt does segregate you guys. Last night as we were walking back from the Mono BOF we passed you language/CLR guys and we laughed about a bunch of blue shirts crashing the Mono party. I was actually hoping to see some Microsofties there, in an informal role.

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