PreCon: Designing Reusable Class Libraries

Krys and I had a great time at our precon yesterday…   It was especially fun to give away copies of the Framework Design Guidelines book.  Krys and I (and the great folks at AW) worked double time to get the book ready for the PDC.  It was an amazing high for us to get to hold the first copy of the book at the PDC where we give out 300+ copies at our day long percon.  


I am told the full set of slides are available now on Commnet for those here at the PDC… I will try to get them posted for everyone else in the world next week.  


The feedback we got from the precon so far as been great…   Here a couple of the post I saw… I am sure I missed some, please send me a link and I will blog it.!1pXfg3ewg2388QePf3S4h7YA!142.entry

Also, if you have not already, please do fill out the online eval form…


At the very end of the day, Krys showed solution to the group exercise we did… I thought I’d include it here for your reference.




Send Text Message

EmailMessage message = new EmailMessage(“”,””);

message.Body = “Welcome to the PDC!”;




Send message with attachement

EmailMessage message = new EmailMessage(“”,””);

message.Body = “Welcome to the PDC!”;




API Design


public class EmailMessage {

     public EmailMessage(string from, params string[] to);


     public string From { get; set; }

     public Collection<string> To { get; }

     public Collection<string> Cc { get; }

     public Collection<string> Bcc { get; }

     public string Body { get; set; }

     public Collection<string> Attachments { get; }

     public void Send();



Edit: Added a new link

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  1. As promised,&amp;nbsp; the good folks at MSDN have posted our precon slides. &amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;Please take a look.&amp;nbsp;…

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