Future release focus groups at PDC2005

I just love it when things come together.. I have been completely slammed out the last couple of months mostly on two things: (1) PDC planning and (2) V.Next planning.   And now those two things are coming together! 


At PDC 2005 we’re planning to conduct a series of focus groups to consider ideas for our product roadmap for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework..


Right now our team is working on building a series of end-to-end scenarios that cover key product usage areas from a customer perspective. What this process allows us to do is to have a customer focused document that defines the areas of innovation in Visual Studio and the platform. An important part of this process is to ensure that these scenarios are accurate reflections of the real world.


This is where you come in. We’re looking for people who would be able to attend a single 3-hour focus group located at the PDC in LA this year. If you are attending the PDC and would like to volunteer then please contact Tony Goodhew (tgoodhew@microsoft.com – He’s the product manager handling the product planning process) with the information below.  We’re looking for appropriate cross-sections of customers, so please answer the questions seriously.


1.      Will you be attending the PDC?

2.      Do you currently have an NDA with Microsoft?

a.       If not, would you be able to sign one to cover this specific event?

3.      Do you actively develop using the following technologies:

a.       Server-side or connected applications, databases or services

b.      Web applications

c.       Windows Forms

d.      Microsoft Office based

e.       Mobile

f.        Rich media

4.      Please indicate what parts of the software development lifecycle you participate in:

a.       Plan

b.      Design

c.       Build

d.      Test

e.       Deploy

f.        Manage

5.      What industry is your company in?

6.      In terms of PC & Employees, how big is your company?


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  1. It’s a not-well-kept-but-not-overly-publicized "secret" that many Microsoft products groups have advisory…

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