A couple of PDC questions…

A reader asked me a couple of “logistical” questions about the PDC… I thought I’d respond by posting the answers on my blog for every to benefit from.


Question: Where is the cool web based calendar app that will allow me to create my schedule? 

Answer: http://commnet.microsoftpdc.com/ log in with the same passport you used when you signed up for the PDC.    Once you logged in click on “My Schedule” on the left bar.   We’d love for you to go ahead and plan your schedule so you don’t miss any of the great stuff going on!  We are also using this data to plan what sessions to repeat, etc. 



Question: When will we have a COMPLETE LIST of sessions? The MSDN PDC site still implies changes are coming.

Answer: We try to respond to attendee feedback by adding extra repeats.  The session list right now reflects the best information we have, but it will likely continue to change throughout the conference as we respond to attendee needs.



Keep them coming and see you at PDC!



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  1. I don’t see a way to take the schedule and load it into Outlook. Is this because I’ve not looked hard enough, or because the feature isn’t there?

    (I’m aware of the PST files that contain the complete session schedule. I’ve got that. But what I’d like is to be able to take the sessions I’ve scheduled with the web-based calendar app, and load them into Outlook.)

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