Bonus One-On-One sessions at the PDC

Coming to the PDC? Looking for a way to maximize your time? I have just the idea for you.  The truly unique thing about the PDC is the level of technical expertise in both the attendees and staff.  We have gather some of the best staff to provide you with the rare opportunity to work One-on-One with real developers and architects at Microsoft directly on your problems.  These sessions are designed to be custom-tailored just for you and your problem space.    


I highly recommend you take full advantage of them!


Nominate yourself by emailing your contact info, lab choice(s) and time preferences to    

And tell them I sent you 😉





Windows Vista Application Compatibility Lab

It’s time to ensure your existing Windows XP applications are ready to be installed/deployed on Windows Vista. This lab provides you with an excellent opportunity to install your applications on Windows Vista and walkthrough a checklist of possible application compatibility issues. Developers from the Windows Vista product group will not only be available to assist you identify application compatibility issues, but also recommend solutions and workarounds every step of the way. By the end of the lab you will know where your application stands and if your application is either ready for Windows Vista or what key steps you need to take in order to get your application ready for Windows Vista.


Common Language Runtime (CLR) Performance clinics

Join Rico Mariani (CLR performance architect) for a discussion around how to measure, troubleshoot and improve managed code performance. Come and learn about all the performance improvements in .NET Framework 2.0 and how to take advantage of the .NET Framework 2.0.


.NET Framework 2.0 Compatibility Lab

.NET Framework 2.0 is shipping in a few months. Bring your .NET 1.x application and find out how it runs on the .NET Framework 2.0. You will have the assistance of experts on the CLR team to identify and troubleshoot problems as well as recommend workarounds.


Windows Error Reporting Analysis

For ISVs, when your application crashes an error gets sent to Microsoft; come and get access to those error reports from your applications and get assistance from Windows developers to fix the most common crashes in your application.

The developer portal, where the reports are stored, is a free service. Get first hand experience in analyzing this data.


C++ Porting Labs

Bring a subset of your C++ code -on the condition that this subset compiles and runs- and our Visual C++ team will help you port it to VS2005 or will help you compile it with the /clr switch  to ready you to take advantage of WinFX. You will leave with first-hand knowledge and experience so you can complete the porting task at home. 





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