My DotNet Rocks! show posted

Joel and I had a great time on this show… a few highlights to get you to listen to the whole thing 😉  Lots more jewel’s in the show…


            A lot of talk about GC, only for you “Core Geeks…”

            History around the dispose pattern (on  

                        BHarry’s post on deterministic finalization

One cool think that came out:

My very first design meeting on the CLR refcounting vs GC, the 2nd one was on edit and continue which didn’t ship until 2.0 😉

            Some good info on NGen

            Lutz’s Reflector

            Always fun to laugh about screw-ups we made (and fixed) during the design of CLR 2.0… 


Have a listen and let me hear your feedback!  


Comments (7)

  1. Ian says:

    Great show. it was one of the show that I had to listen to get the all points.

    I very much enjoyed it


  2. Keith Hill says:

    Enjoyed it very much especially that bit about DateTime.Parse("Brad’s wedding date"). 🙂

  3. Any more clues on what Lutz is working on at Microsoft?

  4. BradA says:

    Jan — are you comming to the PDC? If so you can see the "expression" Lutz has been making 😉

  5. I was just listening to the latest .NET Rocks! Show featuring Brad Abrams and Joel Pobar. I have been…

  6. Tony Spano says:

    Best .NET Rocks! episode. Ever.

  7. Patrick , one of the founding members of the CLR team, starts a blog by posting a brief bit about this

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