Crashing a DotNet Rocks show

Joel Pobar invited me to crash his chat with DotNet Rocks tomorrow (or is that later today now…)  I am really looking forward to it… I download their shows all the time.. It should be really fun to be on.  My understanding is that Joel and I are going to talk about the early days of the CLR\.NET Framework… Does COM+ 2.0 or NGWS mean anything to you folks?  


For those of you that have been on before, any tips of dealing with Carl and Richard?  What should I do if they give me a hard time?  😉


And for you listeners out there, what do you want to hear about.. given the causal style of DNR I suspect we could work in a wide range of topics.  Let me know what you want to hear! 


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  1. James Saull says:

    At the end of the show you will be asked: "What is the coolest thing you have downloaded lately?". If you are a blue-badge then you can’t say "MSN desktop search" etc.

    I think you should tell folks about how they can weave quality into their applications through the use of FxCop, code coverage, refactoring, tests etc. How you can use attributes in the code for exclusions etc. so that all these rules stay with the code like the documentation and not held seperately.

    I think some folks would also like some cleanup on partial classes. People have often talked lately about how they are using events or other systems to get away from the fact that they don’t know what methods have been implemented into another fragments of the class (perhaps created by a designer etc.).

    Explain the principles of why you have design guidelines and how they improve applications. Also plug your books of course :o)

    Frankly, you need to be a regular guest on their show!!

  2. richy_roo says:


    My colleague Andy Brown and myself featured on the show a couple of weeks ago. Carl and Richard are excellent hosts, really easy to talk with and always have something to add.

    Its worth making a list of things you want to say/cover, and email it on to them and as James say, have a think about the favourite download question.

    Have a great show

    I’ve booked to come to the PDC and am going to your pre-conference session, looking forwards to meeting you.


    Richard Costall

  3. mihailik says:

    I am interesting on something spicy about early CLR days.

    Tell please about VARIANT in CLR, tell about early delegates. What issues was there in JIT compiler? What crazy security bugs was in early IL specification? What was the history of C# and VB.NET competition?

    I know nearly nothing about it. But I believe so large complex project could not went without evenly troubles. Tell about such troubles and how do you solve them. For me it sounds extremely cool!

  4. Lynn Eriksen says:

    I would be interested to know how much, if any, the MFC and J++ projects had on the CLR’s developement.

    Delegates first shipped in J++, correct?

  5. 1)when C# was being architected, what platform was in mind? was it always generating MSIL?

    2)who first proposed the idea of open sourcing .net in form of rotor? And were there any opponents to this idea?

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