Page Proofs for Design Guidelines book complete!

Oh, what a great day… I *just* finished doing the final page proofs for the design guidelines book that Krzysztof Cwalina and I have been working on.. it has been a long road, but this thing is almost in the bag.  Doing page proofs is always hard for me as I could endlessly tweak this thing to add more guidelines, more examples, more annotations… but just like software we have to get it to good state and then ship it!  A whole slew of folks at Addison and Microsoft have been working hard to make this book make to market as soon as possible… We are still extremely tight, but with any luck you can buy this book at the PDC… See you at the our precon 😉


I know you want a teaser, so here is the first paragraph of chapter 1, the introduction:


IF YOU COULD STAND over the shoulder of every developer who is using your framework to write code and explain how it is supposed to be used, guidelines would not be necessary. These guidelines give you, as the framework author, a palette of tools that allow you to form a common language between framework authors and the developers who will use the frameworks.


Comments (2)

  1. Andrei says:

    Some guidelines are ridiculous, for example ones which refer to Hungarian notation. Check out Joel Spolsky’s blog, there were two, App and System. System is not required with intellisense and tools, since type information can be displayed to the user. However, App notation is very useful. What say you?

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