MSDN goodness today: Cool MSDN Vista site launched and WinFX Runtime Beta1

Check out… we got some coolness going on the MSDN Vista page and *ANYONE* can download the WinFX Runtime Beta1 bits.  They are very close to the RC we posted a while back, mostly just bugfixes, but good to have it done.


We are celebrating the launch of WinFX Runtime Beta1 internally by getting the products teams together tomorrow for an all demo powerpoint free event..  We are going to get to preview a bunch of great demos people are putting together for the PDC…  



Comments (3)

  1. I am having trouble installing the WinFX SDK Beta 1 on Windows Vista because the cabinet files are signed with a test certificate. Check out my blog post or this Usenet posting from somebody experiencing the same problems on Windows XP SP2.

    So it looks like the download needs fixing.

    Regards, Erwyn

  2. CCNet gets a MSBuild task [Via: Andrew Stopford ]

    GhostDoc 1.3.0 Beta 1 Released [Via: Roland Weigelt…

  3. Why cant everyone download windows Vista b1 also?

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