On to 64bit…

I recently caught the .NET Show covering Win64.  It was cool to hear Larry Sullivan talk about the CLR on 64bit… he has been working it that product sense BEFORE we shipped V1.0!!  It is create to see the long lead work come to fruition and pay off.   


Who’s got a 64bit box?  I’d loved to hear any stories you have on 64bit managed code wins… Where have you found the increased address space worth it?  On to 64bit...

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  1. I’m more curious if the JIT64 can make profits from the additional (now 16 on x64) general purpose CPU registers…

  2. Ed Goward says:

    I’ve got a dual Xeon running XP x64 – dual CPU might not be good for games yet, but it’s great for development and cheaper than you’d think. VS2005 will even build more than one file in parallel, but interleaved error messages can be really confusing. I’m looking forward to a Virtual PC x64.

    The big problem I’ve had has been with CLR2 code being flagged as targetting "Any CPU" but not having been tested on an x86-64 box.

    Is anyone looking into that? I think it’s a pretty unsafe default setting.

  3. Sean says:

    I set up a 64bit box but there were two issues which kept it from being a great developer platform

    1) Lack of Virtual PC support — I’ve come to rely on Virtual PC, and until this fall, VPC won’t run on x64

    2) Lack of a CD Emulator — another habit, I like to mount the ISO MSDN images and the two big cd emulator programs (Alcohol and Daemon Tools) have yet to release 64bit versions — though I hear a beta 64bit betaof Daemon is out)

  4. Its been a while since I tried it out (Janurary) but I was unable to use Windows x64 on a devbox back then, and posted about my experience at the following link: http://blogs.pingpoet.com/overflow/archive/2005/01/19/1095.aspx

  5. Joku says:

    To rhyme a bit with Sean, I would love to see atleast a managed API for reading and mounting common filesystem like ISO9660 with Joliet extension/CDFS, so that it will be less than 5 lines of code to enumerate files on a DVD image FileStream or any other Stream for that matter.

  6. MAV says:

    FileDisk v2 is a CD/DVD emulation software for Windows x64:

    Download it here: http://mav.h1.ru/fd/

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