Cool Console Game

You thought Space Invaders! was a cool sample, check out this one:  It is a VB 2005 Console based game that rocks. 


It reminds me of sitting in my Dad’s lab at NCSU playing Castle on one of the consoles connected to a mainframe..  Anyone of a .NET port of Castle?


BTW – thanks to Joel for pointing it out to me in his trip report from TechEd



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  1. LarryOsterman says:

    Been there, done that. Wasn’t impressed.

    Something about missing help and some "issues" with some of the commands.

  2. it's not so bad says:

    check the version Larry, 0.1.6 kind of implies a few things might be missing still. It’s a work in progress. I’ve been playing with it for a while and it’s come a long way.

  3. LarryOsterman says:

    Umm. Has there been a new version since Monday? That’s when I downloaded it.

  4. I think what he’s saying is that it’s a bit premature to judge the game, when it’s obviously so far from a 1.0 release. I’ve been working on it (alone) in my spare time.

    0.1.6 is a pretty accurate indicator of how far it has to go before hitting a true v1 release state.

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