PDC 2005 Registration Open

Hey, check it out, we just opened the PDC 2005 registration, be the first to get a in!


And of course Channel9 has some cool stuff including how to get to the PDC for free..


Check out the agenda… we posted a very small sampling of the talks we plan to do at the PDC…   I’d love your feedback on those..  In general for the PDC we stay future looking (1-2 years out) and deeply technical.  Our goal is to give talks that only the product team can give.. This makes PDC a very unique event in the industry…   While we are focused on shipping Whidbey, we have some clear thoughts on the future of the platform we will share with you.


Some comments on a few specific sessions

IE7 Overview — What's New for Developers in IE7
Find out what they are talking about here: http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/ I am using IE7 on my LH box now and it is cool stuff! 

Future Directions of ASP.NET
And we don’t mean .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 😉  The ASP.NET folks have some very cool ideas on how web apps are evolving.. You gotta see this..

Deep Integration of Relational Data and XML in Your .NET Programming Language
C# 3.0 Language Innovations
Visual Basic Language Innovations
I am not going to give anything away here, but sufficed to say, this three talks are very related and point to a direction post Whidbey…

Deep Dive on Windows Architecture Futures  
I am personally looking forward to this… we have a small group of very experienced architects for windows that will talk a bit about the multi-year vision for the OS from an architecture level…

What's New in "Office 12" and Windows SharePoint Services "v3"
Getting this level of developer content out about Office well before it ships is unprecedented.  I think developers will be pleased with Office 12….

Framework Design Guidelines: The Art of Building a Reusable Class Library  
And you don’t want to miss this FULL-DAY precon.  Krzysztof Cwalina and I will personally be giving this session… If you liked what you saw in the Designing .NET Class Libraries talks, you will LOVE this.  Please sign up for the precon, it is worth coming a day or so early if you are building reusable libraries for .NET…. 

And there will of course be PLENTY of sessions on WinFX…  We didn’t bother to list them all here, but Indigo and Avalon each have many deep sessions for developers to get ready to build the nextgen apps.   


What sessions catch your fancy?  What seems to be missing?

Comments (9)

  1. Judah says:

    What catches my fancy? IE7, and the reusable class library talk should be interesting, sure. But WinFX and C# 3 …oh, heaven. 🙂

  2. Sankar says:

    I like all the topics. My fancy order:

    1> Language innovations

    2> Future Directions of ASP.NET

    3> Office 12

    4> IE 7

    5> Windows Architecture

    6> Design Guidelines (Anything new since the chats and videos?)

    Although I am not sure if I am going to be there, it would be nice to have a session on new developments in UI framework for windows/desktop applications. Some richer UI framework in .NET is due to take MFC’s place.

  3. Riding Herd says:

    I’ve noticed that a couple of the track owners on our virtual content team have started blogging…

  4. George says:

    Signed up for the "Framework Design Guidelines" precon session as soon as I saw it listed – this is an offer no framework designer can refuse! 🙂 I have a couple of questions though…

    How will this session relate to the "Designing .NET Class Libraries" series? Personally, I think it would be great if you had expected people to run through the "Designing .NET Class Libraries" series at home before they head to LA in September. This would create some interesting opportunities for you and Krzysztof in terms of session’s depth and consistency. Or is it just too much to expect from the audience? What will the pre-requisites be otherwise?

    Another question is how many participants are you planning for? Should we expect more of a classroom- or conference-wise atmosphere?

    Thanks very much for your great work!

  5. Krzysztof and I spent sometime with Don Box Friday to get some tips on how to give a great PDC precon. …

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