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I got this funny email today from Joel Pobar; I could not help but share it with you…  You see Chris Brumme is OOF until next week so we thought we’d hit him with a little “surprise” when he comes back… You are of course welcome to join the fray!  Comment or trackback and add the image to your blog to show your support.  Joel signed up to make sure Chris has a chance to see everyone on of the posts!  



From: Joel Pobar
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 3:35 PM
Subject: Living in the shadow of greatness
Importance: Low

I thought coming to the CLR team I’d be more popular among my peers, more respected by my native Australians, and maybe even win the “Australian of the year” award for my contributions to society and my display of willingness to put up with this country… Unfortunately, my dreams have not been realized. Instead, whenever I proudly proclaim to my peers that I, Joel Pobar, am a member of the Common Language Runtime team, the immediate response is “Can you tell Chris Brumme to add new stuff to his blog? I’ve been waiting a year now!”.

I’ve reevaluated my goals and ambitions. I’ve decided to cave in to the wants and needs of our customers who prefer architectural quality meat, instead of sour Australian PM potatoes. I’m campaigning to Bring Back Chris Brumme’s Blog!

Please join me in this effort. I’ve created buttons, posters, and small jpeg files to put on all your blogs:

 Small version:


Large version:


I believe with adequate campaigning by the PM team and the broader customer community, we can convince Chris that while his contributions to Whidbey Beta 2 ship are important, satisfying the hunger of geeks around the world is paramount. Let’s get on this straight away. Let’s bring his blog back!



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  1. We want Chris B back!!

  2. Kevin Harder says:

    I saw this campaign in Brad Adams’s blog this morning. I totally agree; I miss Chris’s great blog articles…

  3. Dmitriy says:

    +1 for Chris B.’s blog

  4. Jonathan Perret says:

    +1 !

  5. Martin Kulov says:

    Chris, we want you back.

  6. Ranjan says:

    Yes, we want him back. And what happened to Suzanne Cook. Should include her too for the campaign. BBCB and BBSC.

  7. Well we ended up writing a VS.Net plugin to add to our developer testing tools (something like NUnitPlugin,…

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