Wow — great list of .NET Languages

Brian Ritchie's has a great list of .NET languages here…


I didn’t even know we had 3 cobol implementations 😉


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  1. Ovidiu says:

    There seems to be a fierce competition among major Cobol implementers. Some statistics say that there are between 20 and 200 _billion_ lines of existing Cobol code in the world, with ~5bn lines of code being written each year ( I can’t guarantee the reliability of this source, but it’s not the only one to make this claim.

    And the overall list of languages available on .NET is impressing. A big thumbs up for Microsoft and their partners.

  2. Haha Oook has to be the funniest langauge on earth. I was just looking at the "hello world" example…hilarious. 🙂

  3. Cheong says:

    I believe assembly language is also supported.

    Sometime before I read an ASP.NET page coded like this:

    <%@ page language="Asm80386" %>

    <% Str: DB "Testing…", 0

    mov eax, -2

    cmp eax, 2

    jle Label1

    xor eax, eax

    Label1: lea esi, Str

    push esi

    call "Response.Write(string)"

    pop esi



    EAX: <%= eax %>

  4. Cheong says:

    Oops, missed that all the "assembly languages" are grouped into "MSIL" category… 😛

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