Manuscript drop SLAR Vol2

We are done!  Today the author team for the SLAR Vol2 dropped the manuscript to Addison-Wesley.    I gotta say it took a lot longer than I expected to complete the original SLAR, but I am happy with where we ended up.  This completes the CLI standard library set by covering Xml, Reflection and the net classes.  It includes over 1,000 individual samples and over 100 annotations from folks that designed these types… I can’t wait to get it in the stores!  We still have many long hours of page proofs and final revisions to go, but we are almost there… I’ll certainly let you know when Amazon has it for sale.


Thanks to the many of you that reviewed early drafts and provided feedback to me directly and indirectly via this blog.  The book is clearly better for it!


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  1. Nat says:

    Congratulation! I still have some more questions though…. I will post it on my blog.

  2. Sean Chase says:

    Awesome news Brad. The first one was excellent, and I enjoyed reviewing what little I could for Vol2. Anyway, can’t wait to buy Vol2. Hopefully the entire framework will get covered in future volumes. 🙂

  3. Great news!
    <br>I saw in the e-mails that were a lot of people envolved in the review process. Did all of those people contribute?
    <br>If there is any other book on the way needing reviewers, let me know!

  4. Have had this book pre-orderd, since I was still using Beta 2 ;-).

    Will there be an updated version for v2?

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Brad

    I was about to purchase the first SLAR book but then heard about the new one.

    Can you confirm that the new one is an entirely separate volume and not an update to the original? If so, I’ll order Vol 1 straight away!

  6. That is right Mike — Vol2 is entirely new… no overlap in content at all. Vol1 Covers System, System.Collections, System.IO and the like. While Vol2 contains info on System.Xml, System.Net, and System.Reflection.

    Clearly, every .NET developer needs both books 😉

  7. Save the Trees. says:


    Do you really think that Vol 1 was good? If so, you will always be a bad writer.


  8. Well, I am always open to feedback… What did you not like about Vol1?

  9. Anon Coward. says:

    That was:

    Ya, an anonymous coward. Have to deal with how I give feedback.

  10. Anon Coward. says:

    That was:

    Ya, an anonymous coward. Have to deal with how I give feedback. 🙁

  11. Ya, an anonymous coward. Have to figure out how I says:

    I will let you know through soon – mostly during the weekend. I have the book with me and I have penciled my notes (mostly corrections).

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