WinFX CTP, now even easier to install

A couple of people have noted a little perf issue with the installer we used for the WinFX CTP… Our resident MSDN magician did the magic to post the raw ISO image… so if you tried before to install this CTP, please try again. Because of the fun of being on the bleeding edge, I’d suggest you install on a “clean machine” or at least uninstall any other version of Whidbey before you have installed before you start. 


Avalon and Indigo Community Technology Preview


Thanks and good luck

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  1. Hey thanks Brad, posting the ISO gets around the installer perf problem.

    Yeah, unfortunately Whidbey beta 1 and this CTP can’t be installed side-by-side, so it seems. Because I’m not an MSDN subscriber, I don’t have the latest Visual Studio CTP, so I was unable to open any of my C# and MDX projects at home. :-p So I decided to uninstall the CTP and wait for the (hopefully) forthcoming Beta 2.

    BTW, I notice the bundled .NET framework is named "Beta 2", which makes me think this was the framework designed to be released for VS beta 2 slated for the end of March. Is that right?

    Also, Indigo’s real name seems to be Microsoft Message Bus. Is this the planned name for it? Personally, I think that sounds a bit in the realm of …ordinary. On a related note, I read somewhere a joke about MS naming practices, something like if Microsoft made toilet paper, it’d be called Butt Wiper. 🙂

  2. Your welcome.

    You should be able to download the latest CTP of the C# Express product even if you are not an MSDNU subscriber.

    I would highly recommend you do that rather than waiting until whidbey beta2 because this WinFX CTP will not work on Whidbey Beta2 (there will be another WinFX CTP that will work on Whidbey Beta2 a couple of months after WHidbey Beta2 ships.

    Sorry, I can’t comment on naming… 😉

  3. Ah thanks for the info. I’ll go ahead and get the Express version then.

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