Two free gifts: WinFX for all and IronPython

Some great new giveaways in the developer space recently… 


First, we just posted the Avalon and Indigo CTP for all to download… it is no longer just for MSDN\U subscribers.  Please take a look and give us your feedback!


Second, JimHugg, and JoelPob just posted IronPython 0.7… we have not made a lot of noise about IronPython for a while, but as JasonZ says today at PyCon, Jim Hugunin announced this release that works on the latest CTP of Whidbey. 


Now, who will be the first to put all three of these things together? I want to see the first Avalon+Indigo IronPython application!    I might even have a prize for the coolest apps, I’ll have to see what I can dig up..


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  1. mihailik says:

    Thank you very much, Brad. It seems you are fastest human that made this new available to community.

    Chris Sells lates some minutes after you! I’m in process, 59% download 🙂

  2. Thanks Mihailik.. but I gotta admit that Chris "let" me post this one first… 😉

  3. very smart decision. I have no msdn subs, and couldnt download it previously. but I was emailing about it to every one I knew who could download it. Now I can try it too. thanks.

  4. 2 fix-its: It seems the Iron Python workspace is a bad link.

    Also, the Avalon/Indigo installer, when run on my machine, makes explorer.exe eat about 500MB virtual memory. As soon as I ran the installer, it took about 35 minutes on my 2.8Ghz/512MB machine for the installer UI to actually appear.

    Anyway, about 40 minutes later I am finally actually installing the Avalon Indigo bits. Looking forward to this. 🙂

  5. Me again. After about a total 2 hour install, an extraction of the iso to disk, then running autorun.html, the first option is to install the 2.0 March framework. Running that, I receive a message telling me the 2.0 beta framework is already installed (I have 2.0 from Whidbey beta 1). So the installer gives me the option to repair or uninstall. Both options crash the installer.

    After a manual uninstall of the Whidbey beta 1 .NET framework beta, finally I can run the DNF installer from the Avalon/Indigo bits.

  6. aahhhhh ! i had postponed my plan to upgrade my notebook’s ram to 1gb. reading your two comments it seems that upgarding is a must now, before installing the ctp.

  7. JudahMuhammad — sorry about the install issues.. we are working on a plan to address them.

    Judah — GDN seems to be back up now… can you try again?

  8. The Avalon/Indigo install finally did work for me, however, I had to uninstall the Whidbey DNF v2.0.40607 (the one bundled with VS Whidbey beta 1), and hence my Visual Studio install is not working. It seems the DNF from this installer and the DNF from Whidbey Beta 1 cannot be installed side-by-side?

    The GDN link is working now, thanks Brad. I’ve played with IronPython before you guys hired Jim, and was impressed then. Looking forward to trying it now with generics.

  9. Doug Finke says:

    Are there any sites with more in depth IronPython examples. I’ve seen the launching of the winform and using StringBuilder.

    How does one use attributes in IronPython to enable Indigo capabilities?

  10. ironpy says:

    "Are there any sites with more in depth IronPython examples. I’ve seen the launching of the winform and using StringBuilder."


    "How does one use attributes in IronPython to enable Indigo capabilities?"

    You can’t. Python doesn’t support attributes and never will. It is a strict clone of CPython.

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