Wow — 50 Episodes of the .NET Show

I had a great time yesterday at the shooting of the 50th episode of the .NET Show… it surely was a party like atmosphere… the free beer and food helped that along 😉 


I thought my segment was fun… it was great to be up there with super smart folks shaping the platform from several different angles…  You might not know this, but Robert does close to zero prep with us before hand…. So we are all having this conversation together for the first time right in front of you.  I was amazed at some of the synergies that popped out… for example I had never used the word disaggregation (to separate into component parts) but it seems to be the watchword of the episode.  Take another swig of your caffeine–and-sugar-laced beverage-of-choice each time one of us says it…

And some how this whole super hero thing got started…not sure how, but you will not want to miss hearing how the future of the platform and super heros relate 😉


Of course it was great to see Rick Rashid do his thing… I was very pleased to see him mention the CLR several times… it is clear the close partnership between MSR (Microsoft Research) and the CLR product team is really paying off.


And, of course there was Erica’s interview with BillG – very cool… Bill was super relaxed; he talked about coding, going to the movies, you name it…



Oh – and seriously, Robert, Erica and the fabulous .NET Show crew… congratulations and here is to 50 more!  

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  1. Robert Hess says:

    Thanks for being part of it Brad. I always enjoy having you on the show. If it weren’t for the guests, I’d just be sitting there talkign to myself… and how interesting would -that- be? :->

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