Designing .NET Class Libraries: Designing for a Managed Memory World

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Designing .NET Class Libraries: Designing for a Managed Memory World

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  1. When adding to the calendar from within the chat list page ( it is scheduling it as March 23rd.

  2. I am told that this page is out of date… You can enter the chat room here:

  3. Kalpesh says:

    Hi Brad,

    Could you put the presentation for offline

    viewing with only wmv files & the doc (the chat transcript)

    I downloaded few videos of earlier presentations & it fetches the media player as well (which is extra download in all videos)

    Thanks a lot


  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    Just watched the presentation. I was confused on how to implement IDisposable. The example code you show uses a bool flag to see if this object has been disposed already. But what if your object could be accesses and disposed from multiple threads?

    Then, I imagine using a mutex, but then destructors (which call Dispose) are not supposed to wait on any mutexes or the like, right?

    Also, it’s confusing to have 2 methods called Dispose(), and to have the only difference be that one takes a boolean disposing flag. I don’t now how to make sense of that.

  5. Tintax says:

    The 300k version of the downloadable presentation is pointing at the wrong file (the Member Types presentation).

  6. Keith Hill says:

    I’ve seen a number of folks writing their protected virtual bool Dispose(bool d) method to be thread-safe. Can we have some guidance as to when this should be done? Should this be done in general as a good multi-threading practice?

  7. Tintax – thanks for letting us know, we got it fixed…

  8. Keith — Nope, there is nothing special about Dispose() that would require it to be threadsafe… I would only do that if there is some external reason why all the methods on your type is threadsafe

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