Now, that is what I call a blog day!

Wow – I gotta say the BCL team knows how to have a blog day… In one day the team managed to post 23 meaty blogs on a whole range of topics… and I know that many entries got ½ done that will post out over the next week or so.  No doubt great search engine bait for years to come.  I’d love to hear your feedback…is a blog day a good idea?  What was your favorite post? 


Here is a brief summary:


Play the CLR acronym game! [Brad Abrams]
Come test your knowledge of obscure managed code related acronyms!  
How to set MACL from one directory to another? [Ravi Krishnaswamy]
Done any ACLs work recently?  The .NET Framework 2.o makes it so much easier… and Ravi would know as he is the dev that owns the feature!  
Avoiding Boxing in Classes Implementing Generic Interfaces through Reflection [Dave Fetterman]
Tricks from the dev that owns System.Collections.Generics… check it out!
How Did System.Decimal Change from V1.0 to V1.1? [Anthony Moore]

And who says we only talk about the future stuff… The dev lead for the BLC, Mr. Decimal himself describes some changes we made to Decimal as part of the EMCA\ISO standardization work.  

CodeDom now supports a way to generate code for CodeTypeMember [Vinaya Bhushana Gattam Reddy]

The test lead for the BCL team (and they guy that owns testing CodeDom) talks about some cool new codedom features in 2.0…

Regex and Balanced Matching [Ryan Byington]
RegEx for the guru… Ryan’s owns testing for Regex, so he should know!
Potential additions to the Math class [Katy King]
Always looking to the future, Katy is asking about what else we should add to the Math class…
RegexOptions.IgnorePatternWhitspace [Ryan Byington]
Ahh – now I think even I can get my head around that much regex!
DirectoryInfo.Name lacks security checks [Ravi Krishnaswamy]
If you have a semi-trusted app, you should be aware of this…   In the process, Ravi gives you some transperncy into how we think about issues like this… your feedback is always welcome.  
What are the New DateTime Features in Whidbey [Anthony Moore]
DateTime gets an update!  The BCL devlead tells you want to look forward to in the future..
IO Exceptions will now reveal FullPath (if you have PathDiscovery access) [Ravi Krishnaswamy]
More for the security review of System.IO we did late last year.  
A Tracing Primer - Part I [Mike Rousos]
What is an enterprise app without Tracing.. Mike, who owns testing in this area, walks you through the basics…
Writing a Useful Windows Service in .NET in Five Minutes [Dave Fetterman]
Wow -- is it possible?  Dave should know, he is the dev for the feature…
Testing Managed ACL for IO [Lakshan Fernando]
Get an inside scope on how we do testing at Microsoft….
Synchronization in Generic Collections [Brian Grunkemeyer]
What happened to SyncRoot?  Find out!  Brian should know as he wrote most of the generic collections.
Fixing bugs with compatibility in mind - an IO experience [Lakshan Fernando]
An inside look at our compat bar… what do you think?  Are we doing the right things for you?
Best V2.0 feature in the .NET Framework: A BCL Poll [Kit George]
I love this post… It is cool to see what the team likes about what we built.. the big and the small 😉 
Come and Meet the CLR team! [Kit George]
I have already plugged this, but if you are in the area, come and see us!
The .NET Vision (aka: the big picture): what are we working towards? [Kit George]
Wow – get does a good tour of the CLR on this one…
An intro to CodeDom [David Gutierrez]
A great way to get started on CodeDom from the dev that would know!
SafeHandles: the best V2.0 feature of the .NET Framework [Ravi Krishnaswamy]
Ravi gives you a primer on a new CLR 2.0 feature…

PerformanceCounters: reading the disk counters [David Gutierrez]
The truth about perf counters from the dev that would know!
The SLAR on System.Convert [Brad Abrams]
You know that guy… 😉


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  1. Excellent, superb, marvelous and all synonyms of these words here :).

    And u asked is it a good idea? Well, I would say that I felt like the whole BCL team sat down for one day buying and packaging gifts for there blog readers (and the community of course) and fed-exed them to us here!



  2. mihailik says:

    > and fed-exed them to us here!

    Hey, why you only mentioned U.S.? Here in Ukraine we are loving to read CLR internals too!

    So, your phrase to be finished as:

    "and fed-exed them to US _and UA_ here!"


  3. Wow – thats amazing! and the posts keep coming even today! Impressive! I think this is a great idea. It gives out a wealth of nice and important information that one is highly unlikely to find anywhere else.

  4. Michael says:

    I thought it was silly when I first heard you wre going to do that, but the content is good to know. Thanks for passing on the intel.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Swaroop C H, The Dreamer » So why not a blog mela

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