Anders Hejlsberg interview…

The .NET Journal has an interesting interview with Anders talks about nullable types, generics in java, C# Standardization, C# 3.0 built in query and set processing support, and of course my favorite bit on learning the Framework being more important than the language..  


Exclusive Interview with Anders Hejlsberg: Getting Reacquainted ...
SYS-CON Media - Montvale,NJ,USA
... I never had a chance to look at WFC during its day. If I looked at it today, would I see bits I'd recognize from the .NET Framework? ...


Update: If the link doesn't work, try going to the main page and finding it there..

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  1. Uwe Keim says:

    Baaaaaa, "for subscribers only". 🙁

  2. Balaji K says:

    Bummer! :o(

  3. Balaji K says:

    For some reason, it is working now. Probably, getting to that page through the magazine issue page helped.

    Thanks for the link, Brad.

  4. Arild Fines says:

    Not working for me, no matter where I click the link.

  5. ???? says:

    why post something that people can’t even access to????

  6. Joku says:

    Works here, you first need to go to main page and then click the interview from there.. Direct links doesn’t work.

  7. Mike Dunn says:

    No dice for me either. has a password but the site isn’t accepting it. :~(

  8. pds says:

    Me too! That is, ‘me too’ it’s not working.

  9. Sorry about that — I am not sure what is going on with their site, but a posted a couple of other ways to try to access it…

  10. Balaji K says:

    Yes, it works getting from the main page and i think this would work as well.

  11. Joku says:

    Still it only works by going to

    and from there to the interview..

    It could require some cookies enabled, so check those settings too..

  12. BR says:

    Not working for me too 🙁 Does Anders Hejlsberg have a blog?

  13. pds says:

    Me too! As in, ‘me too it works by going to the front page and visitng from there’ too.

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