Do you have what it takes? Are you up for a real challenge?

I have an opening for senior Program Manager on my team.  I am looking for someone with deep industry experience that is equally capable and comfortable on a broad range of areas:


  1. Working with Closures and lamda function and virtual dispatch
  2. Motivating and enabling a large team to focus on the right results
  3. Writing code in VB, F#, C# and Python, and Lua
  4. Giving compelling presentations to management at Microsoft, .NET User’s Groups\large conferences and professors at top tier universities
  5. Knows the differences between:
    1. FCalls and ECalls,
    2. MethodDescs and MethodTables
    3. CLI, CLR, CLS, and SSCLI
    4. Buy-in, consensus and dictating
  6. Does the right features at the right times for the right customers.
  7. Want to be a part of what you see my team already doing today

See the full job description then let me know if you are interested.


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