Offline content for Designing .NET Class Libraries Series

By popular demand we have started getting *offline* versions of the Designing .NET Class Library Series posted.  Special thanks for Frank for kicking the extra funding and effort to get this done!


Download these today!

Setting the Stage

Naming Conventions

Rich Type System

Member Types

Designing Inheritance Hierarchies


Comments (10)

  1. David Betz says:

    These are absolutely amazing videos. I highly recommend them for all developers. These are critical.

  2. .Net Adventures says:
  3. 菊池 Blog says:

    Designing .NET Class Libraries

  4. RonO says:

    Excellent! Thanks so much for letting us know.

  5. Kalpesh says:


    Can only wmv files be put for download ?

    The entire package gets a good long time to download 🙂


  6. kh says:

    hey brad, thanks for this. my client’s firewall and client configs were making it impossible to recommend this series to my developers. now all their lunchbreaks r belong to me 🙂


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