Houston Area presenation: Effective .NET Framework based development: Exception handing and Memory Management

As part of my FrontLine trip I will be speaking at the Houston Dot Net Users Group …If you are in the area, please come!  Oh, and  this is co-sponsored with the  HAL-PC Beginning C# SIG at the same time and same place.  So show up to either! 


(I should be getting pretty good at this presentation by this time ;-)).





02/16/2005, 6:30PM-8:30PM

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Microsoft Houston Meeting Facility
2000 West Sam Houston Pkwy South, Suite # 350
Houston, TX 77042




  • Effective .NET Framework based development: Exception handing and Memory Management by Brad Abrams

Brad's talk will help demystify two areas that cause many problems for C# and VB.NET developers.  The first area, correctly handling errors by using exceptions and recovering gracefully when they occur, is a deceptively simple problem.  He will discuss time-tested guidelines for raising and handling exceptions and discuss changes for the soon to be released .NET Framework 2.0 product.  The second area is how to effectively deal with memory management in the CLR.  Brad will take a look at how the automatic memory manager in the CLR really works, why it works that way, and discuss best practices for writing code in that world. He will also touch on some new features coming in .NET Framework 2.0 for memory management in the CLR.

Brad Abrams is the Lead Program Manager for the Common Language Runtime Team. Brad Abrams was a founding member of both the Common Language Runtime and .NET Framework teams at Microsoft Corporation where he is a currently Lead Program Manager and has been designing parts of the .NET Framework since 1998.  Brad started his framework design career building the BCL (Base Class Library) that ships as a core part of the .NET Framework.  Brad was also the lead editor on the Common Language Specification (CLS), the .NET Framework Design Guidelines, and the libraries in the ECMA\ISO CLI Standard. Brad has been involved with the WinFX and Longhorn efforts from their beginning. His primary role is ensuring that the consistency and developer productivity of the .NET Framework continues throughout Longhorn and beyond.

Brad co-authored "Programming in the .NET Environment", and was editor on ".NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol1" and Vol2 (to be published). Both books can be purchased from amazon.com.

Brad graduated from North Carolina State University in 1997 with a BS in Computer Science.  You can find recent musings from Brad on his blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/BradA/


From Beltway 8 South : Exit Deerwood Dr. Go straight pass Briar Forest Dr. Take your first right on Del Monte. Then first right into Visitor Parking Garage.

From Beltway 8 North : Exit Briar Forest Dr. Make a U turn on Briar Forest to go on other side of the Beltway 8 feeder. Take your first right on Del Monto. Then first right into Visitor Parking Garage. Please bring ticket in for free validation.


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  1. Robert Taylor says:

    psst… the "MAP" link has several URL Encoded tab characters that result in "Bad Request".

  2. Brad, can we get someone up here, in NY, to present these topics, too? We’ve got almost nothing going on here. Do you plan a trip here any time soon?

  3. Thanks for the invite.. I don’t have plans right now… But I will keep it in mind!

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