The .NET Celebrity Auction on EBay…

I must say, very cool.  The folks at thinktecture have put together an auction of 1 hour of consulting time from some noteworthy .NET Celebrities in order to raise money for Aceh Aid at IDEP. 

Check it out: The .NET Celebrity Auction for Aceh Aid at IDEP.


Some idea of what to ask these guys when you win your hour:

          Jeff Richter  - what he thinks about the CLR threading support..

          Ted Neward  - Which is better, C# or Java

          Jeff Prosise – How your last ASP.NET project can be done with 1/5th the code in V2.0

          Any of them – What coding conventions they like 😉


Other ideas??

Comments (6)

  1. DotWind says:

    Very noble cause indeed.If only I could use that hour 🙂

  2. Ingo Rammer says:

    Kudos have to go to Julia Lerman [] and Stephen Forte [] as they put together this auction. We at thinktecture only offered to help by covering all ebay fees so that all donations can go directly to the fund. But it was Julia’s and Stephen’s idea and they put in all the work.

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    Jeff Richter – what he thinks about the CLR threading support..

    Hah, now that one just made me laugh. Jeff was the one that taught me C# in a week long crash course shortly after the release of 1.0. He was very vocal about it then, I am guessing you need not really ask him in that hour, he will tell you.

  4. Julie Lerman says:

    Brad – Thanks so much for helping to promote this!!

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