Where to download WinDiff.exe?

I needed WinDiff.exe recently on my laptop where I am dogfooding VS Express… So I needed to download it. In case anyone else needs it, WinDiff and some other cool tools are available here:

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools


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  1. Take a look at


    version 2.2 has C# syntax highlighting

  2. Addy Santo says:

    MS has a site license for Beyond Compare, look for it on OTG/ITG. It doesn’t do binaries but rocks on everything else

  3. Matt Ellis says:

    Does anyone know why vs.net 2003 has options to let you change the font, colour and size for diffs? Does this mean vs.net has a hidden diff component?

  4. DM says:

    Not that you asked for opinions, but Windiff really isn’t that good.

    I prefer Araxis Merge… its very nice for file comparison. Also, it has an excellent directory comparison feature that was missing the last time I looked at winmerge.

    Also, I’ve been pretty impressed with the diff tool provided with TortiseSVN (subversion client). I think its called TortiseMerge

  5. Yes, Beyond Compare is a very great tool

    nyway, you can download Windiff here too : http://keithdevens.com/files/windiff


  6. Stuart Jocham says:

    I find Compare It! from http://www.grigsoft.com/ quite good too.

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