A new experiment in transparency

I love the word “experiment” – it gives you lots of latitude to try crazy ideas… Well, a few weeks ago one of the Channel9 guys, Charles Torre, came to me with an interesting idea.  He had been actively following an enormous thread I started and he really wanted to find a way to show that kind of excitement and energy in the public domain.  I liked the idea, so I roped in Joe Duffy to help us out…


Joe just published a condensed version of this thread that focuses on Dispose and finalization…

Involving Channel9 in .NET Framework Design Guidelines updates


As this is an experiment, I’d love to hear what you think, is this “raw” format valuable? Why or why not.


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  1. Joel Marcey says:


    I think this sort of thing is very valuable. It provides a lot of the necessary insight into why decisions were made. I mean, some may not agree on a particular guideline, but at least seeing something like this you know it wasn’t just throwing darts at the wall — at least not this time ;-). Some thought was put into it. I am looking forward to seeing more of these and any video that can be shared in these design meetings. Great work!

    – Joel

    P.S. I like the Anon family tree that is happening in the thread. So is AnonA younger or older than his brother/sister AnonJ? 😉

  2. Drew Marsh says:

    Yes, because it is very natural. I think when people see the natural progression of the conversation it might be easier to understand than just straightforward technical documentation. Plus it answers questions people might have that typical documentation just totally misses out on.

  3. CN says:

    It was an interesting read, but I naturally don’t wan’t to wade through this kind of stuff to find what I need. On the other hand, it gives an extra insight and putting more extensive archives online, preferably linked from the appropriate technical docs, would probably sometimes help me.

    For me, this discussion had a direct entertainment value, just like some of the best blog posts around here.

  4. Keith Patrick says:

    They should trim the article on the front page to be fair to the rest of the site, but yeah, it’s extremely valuable to know why things are the way things are (avoids a lot of reader questions), and Channel 9 is a great place for it.

  5. David Levine says:

    I like it. There’s a wealth of detail that you simply cannot get any other way. This doesn’t replace the guidelines/conclusions, but knowing the alternatives and why they were discarded is valuable.

  6. Drew Marsh says:

    I agree CN. I still think there should be the straightforward documentation, but discussions like this shouldn’t fall by the wayside. If they can be included along with the documentation it provides that much more insight into the topic being discussed.

    I think the next version of MSDN, where users can make their own annotations and have discussions attached right to the various topics, is the best way to go. Although they seem to have cut those features out of the more recent versions. 🙁

  7. Brock says:

    I know I am always looking to see if certain types implement IDisposable. Wouldn’t it be nice if intellisense would indicate if a type implements IDisposable by a certain color of something?

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