Designing .NET Class Libraries videos coming soon

Ever sense I blogged some of the material about designing good libraries for the .NET Framework and got such great feedback from you folks, I have wanted to get more of the material out there.  Well, we are just about there.  As Joe says we had the last internal offering of this class professionally videoed.  Starting in the New Year we will post a new section each week or so and hopefully a chat after each one.  The Q&A part is always my favorite, so I am looking forward to your comments in the chat or on the blogs after.


Stay toned for more information on exactly when and where…. But I do highly recommend “taking” this training for anyone designing .NET class libraries… it is the exact material we use to train folks inside MS.  I am sure you will find it helpful.

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  1. Rick says:

    I was reading through the original post and had a thought about exception handling. What is the proper way to handle them if your API is essentially a wrapper for some other API. Picture a legacy COM API and you are wrapping it in a Managed .NET assembly. Part of the purpose of the wrapper is to simplify the underlying wrapped Interface. If the functionality you use to accumulate the functionality of the underlying interface is causing exceptions, what should you do with those exceptions? The consumer has (potentially) done nothing wrong, but you still need to fail in some way that is meaningful to them.

    Thanks for the great posts…

  2. Joshua Bair says:

    I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to enroll in any classes about .NET classes… hmm.

    Anyway, would you be kind enough to sort of sum up the entire class in a single sentance? (Anything longer is outside of my attention span…)



  3. Marc Scheuner ( says:

    I wish a PRINTABLE version of the Design Guidelines would be coming soon, too!

    Is there any hope we’ll get a continously updated .PDF of the design guidelines, so we could download that, print it out, and take it on e.g. a train ride to read? Not everyone has Internet access all the time, everywhere they are and go!



  4. Krys has info on getting a printable version of a subset of the doc here:

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