Oracle and the CLR

I love seeing managed code branch out into new areas… we can make more developers productive with each new area.  Today I learned that Oracle developers will start getting more productive.


Oracle Introduces Oracle(R) Database 10g Release 2

-- Improved Microsoft Windows support via stored procedures implemented in the Common Runtime Language (CLR) and enhanced integration with Visual Studio; and,


Update: See JasonZ's note on the subject as well

Comments (7)

  1. William Robertson says:

    Amazing…a true convergence of technology. Good job Microsoft with the CLR and .NET Framework!

  2. Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP] says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Oracle 10g R2 ships before Yukon, giving a CLR hosted inside the database from a 3rd party before Microsoft…

  3. Keith Patrick says:

    I wouldn’t have expected that in 100 years. Well, maybe 5, but still, that’s surprising.

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