Nominations for the best CLR content on the web…

One of the PMs on the CLR team is gathering a list of the best CLR content on the web.  The idea is to pool it altogether in a single spot to make it easier for folks to find the best stuff.   Things such as blogs, tools, samples, books, etc.  Basically anything you can get a URL for 😉


Do you have suggestions on what should be included?  Just leave me a comment here with the link and tell me why you like it.  Please feel free to nominate your own stuff! 

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  1. Matthias Ernst says:

    Definitely Chris Brumme’s Blog.

  2. For the blogs, it would be great to know what articles in particular are the best?

  3. David Levine says:

    These blogs all have great content,

    Chris Brumme (where you been hiding?), (CLR)

    Yours (Brad A) (CLR)

    Junfeng Zhang, (CLR)

    Rico Mariano (CLR)

    Raymond Chen (Win32)

    Suzanne Cook (CLR)

    Justin Rogers (Winforms)

    Jay Baz (C#)

    Ian Griffith (.net)

    Cyrus’s Blather (C#)

    Eric Gunnerson (.net)

    BCL Team

    Stan Lippman (C++)

    rob mensching (setup)

    Gunnar Kudrjavets (general)

    Mike Stall (debugging)

    and many others


  4. I’ve really enjoyed Maoni’s web log ( specifically his two posts on garbage collection:

    – Using GC Effeciently (

    – Using GC Effeciently Part 2 (

    I wish he’d post more!

    Additionally there are some really good articles out ther by Jeffrey Richter, excellent reads.: Garbage Collection: Automatic Memory Management in the .Net framework, Parts I and II ( ,

    Rico Mariani additionally has a good article:

    Garbage Collector Basics and Performance Hints(

    I can’t count how many questions I get about GC or why memory is behaving a certain way in .Net so I’ve been on a GC kick as of late but these are a couple of my favorites off the top of my head. I think the inner workings of garbage collection is an often overlooked subject.

    Kindest Regards,

    Josh Carlisle

  5. Buz says:

    Below is a selection of useful tools :

    For unit tests : NUnit of course, as D. Levine mentioned above,

    For documentation : NDoc (, and for conformance/validation : FxCop ( Both of these tools are very very useful when writing a class library.

    For interop : PInvoke.Net Addin (, and for debugging : Reflector (, which may be helpful when tracking some weird behaviors in class libraries.

    Just to mention an interesting blog from the dark side of the force : Monologue (

    At that time, I don’t have any personal stuff to promote, but I may start a C# dev blog in the near future… 😉

  6. Matt Garven says:

    A few blogs that haven’t been mentioned:

    Chris Lyon –

    Joel Pobar –

    mvstanton – (only a few articles, but good)

  7. Daniel Fenech says:

    Some more deep diving technical content on the inner workings of the CLR would be good. Rico Mariani, Chris Brumme and Joel Pobar’s blogs are always rich sources of technical goodies. Speaking of which, when can we see another post from cbrumme?

  8. Mine would have to be TestDriven.NET –

  9. tx says:






  10. definitely Chris Brumme’s Blog!

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