Scheme on the CLR

Very cool! 


Common Larceny is a CLI-targeted implementation of the Scheme programming language.  The compiler generates MSIL and is interoperable with other .NET languages.  The Common Larceny project is directed by Dr. Will Clinger in partnership with Dr. Matthias Felleisen, both of Northeastern University.  It is  working to deliver a high-performance stand-alone Scheme compiler as well as the future platform for Felleisen's TeachScheme project.


Details and download available at  The Common Larceny team is actively soliciting users and feedback.  This is an alpha-level release.


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  1. eden li says:

    Oh man, a dream come true!!

    I wonder if it’s robust enough to use in the real world… I should read the link…

  2. Joe Web Surfer says:

    Great to see Scheme support for the CLR. This sort of thing has been done succesfully for the Java runtime (see "linj", which is a Common-Lisp to Java translator, and Kawa, which is a Scheme to Java Byte Code compiler). It’s great to see this sort of thing becoming available for CLR, too.

  3. Rob Relyea says:

    Hopefully they support CodeDOM and also build a Scheme.targets file for msbuild to understand how to build this language.

    At that point, people could use Scheme with Avalon…

    Brad/Anyone know if they do?

  4. eden li says:

    I would be very surprised if CodeDom could generate a functional language without modification… as stated in previous posts, it’s pretty C#/VB centric.

  5. Scheme on the CLR And while were on the subject of Functional programming and more particular Lisp here’s a post via Brad Abrams that speaks to a project focused on an Scheme to MSIL compiler project. I LOVE IT!!!! BTW……

  6. Anonymous says:

    Danny Ayers, Raw Blog

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